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Exclusive, elegant, handmade Greek jewellery in gold. Unique precious and semi-precious stones purchased by the owner, George Gouveris, from his travels around the world.

"We came to Nafplio on the previous trip and now stop by to see George Gouveris at his shop Preludio, where Ed bought gold earrings with sapphires to remind me of the Aegean. His is the prettiest jewellery Iíve seen in Greece."
Mayes, Frances (author of Under the Tuscan Sun), A Year in the World, New York: Broadway Books, 2006

"Afterward, we launched along the port to celebrate a purchase at PRELUDIO, a local jeweller that makes pieces inspired by both Mycenaean discoveries and elegant Byzantine work - at prices noticeably more attractive than those asked by Athensí famed goldsmiths."
Reynolds, Catherine, Gourmet Magazine, June 1998, p.80

Recommended by reputable guides and magazines, such as San Francisco Chronical, Fromers, ADAC.

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