About Us


George Gouveris, the owner, has been in the jewellery business for the last 26 years. He started his career as a sales person in a business in Barcelona, importing precious and semi-precious stones, then as a jewellery sales person in Athens, Mykonos and other jewellery hubs in Greece. Having strived in the sales department, he eventually came back to his beautiful home town, the picturesque city of Nafplio, where he opened Preludio in 1989. George is buying the precious and semi-precious stones used for his jewellery by himself. He has an eye for detail and stone quality and his quest for perfection has taken him to Afghanistan, North Pakistan, Kashmir, Tibet and West Africa in the past 22 years. Those of you who have met him will have definitely noticed his in-depth knowledge in the jewellery field, something that has been recognized by various credible guides and magazines, such as San Francisco Chronical, Fromers, ADAC.

Now after 15 years of work next to George , Yianna Kalivioti continues the Philosophy of Preludio produce handmade pieces of exclusive taste and unique quality. The stones bought by Yianna now are being used in Greece, the gold jewellery items are 14 carat, 18K, 22K and sterling silver 925’, using different techniques such as hammering, sandblasting, granulation. Yianna now following the principles of Preludio makes new designs with new techniques. If you visit the shop located in the first Capital of Greece, Nafplio you will see a fine collection of gold and silver jewellery as well.